Over Thinking


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released September 1, 2016

Recorded at The Pit Studio by Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues, Disgrace). Artwork by Derek Pratt of FU Tattoos. Logo done by Curt Kelliher.



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DRAIN Santa Cruz, California


Santa Cruz Hardcore

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Track Name: Trapped In My Head
Trapped in my head

When will it end?

This place where I used to lay my head at night
No longer feels like that place called home
Sometimes I only feel like I’m comforted
When I’m drunk or I’m out alone

So stressed I can’t think
Phone makes my ears ring
I can barely breath

I’m losing it inside
This place where I reside
It’s poisoning my mind

I’ve learned the old ways
Are not my ways
I’m not here to stay

Smothered by my family,
Tired of my friends,
I’m never ever going back.
back again
because I’m trapped in my head
trapped in my head

Forced to think that what they say is right
Sometimes I’m weak and I lose my own sight
These closed minds are a cancer to my own
Some day I’ll find a place to call my own home

Constant bickering about petty shit
Don’t tell me about it, I don’t wanna hear it
This negative energy can take a toll on me
But I’ll be the man on the top...eventually
Track Name: Sewn Shut
I’m pushing myself through angst and distress.
Identity skewed by my own rambling head.
I try to ignore. Try to forget.
This suffering that I’ve unleashed onto myself.

How can I feel love for anyone when I don’t even like myself?
Or anything else?
Constantly awake at night
My own subconscious, so self-conscious mental fist fight
In all reality, I’m just a child in a rut.
Scared and forever bound, as being sewn shut.

I’m a loser, I’m a slacker, I’m a piece of shit.
Just another complaining, whining, college kid.
This broken heart worn on my sleeve is getting big.

How can I feel love for anyone when I don’t like myself?

Sewn shut
I’ve had enough
I’m as stable as wall-less foundation.
Track Name: Today Is Mine
I’ve spent so much time hating the skin I’m in,
And all the sensitive emotions that are bound within.
I’ve spent too many days, over my insecure ways
But it’ll be the last time, because today is

And I wont spend it depressed
Over the girl who left
Over my small paycheck
Over my double chin

I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried
Time after time.
But things don’t always work out
And I’ve thought the fault was mine
Sad songs on repeat.
Walking empty streets.
40oz in my hand
Trying to drown out "the thinks".

But I got tired of being bummed.
I knew it would never help.
Learned to hold my head up high.
And start getting over it.

From laboring love,
I’ve worked my fingers down to the bone.
Left as a broken man, inside and out
I’ve learned to stand up tall, on my own.

Today Is Mine
Track Name: Couldn't Care Less
"I wanted you but he was there"
And that's fair,
Because it shows how much you really cared,
how much you loved me, how you think of me,
how you must think I'm some fucking dummy.
You thought wrong

"If you don't wanna do this,
Then you'd better get up and leave"
Leave your friends, your home, everyone you love.
And when they're gone, you'll crawl back to me.
I disagree. I disagree.

I could not care less.
I couldn't care less about the shit that you do,
And I couldn't care less about the guys you're into.
You told me to leave, and maybe you'll see,
that when you're alone you'll be thinking of me...

And I'll be thinking of you
All the kisses goodnight
And the tables for two
Once my partner in crime
Now lost in the line
Of yesterday's lovers
That left me behind
Track Name: Tension
Within the walls of my skull
There is a war zone
Conflicting thoughts
are taking over

Emotions run
In every direction
And I’m left as a slave
To this inner tension

They say I’ve got the life,
But all I’ve got are regrets.
It’s a cycle endless
I’m at my lowest and I can’t handle more
Wish I could run, but I can’t find the door

I’m surrounded by filth
Derived from ignorance
No solutions arise from floating in muck
We try to swim
But end up getting stuck