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California Cursed


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I feel the pressure of a thousand eyes Staring at me They want to see me fall They keep tabs and they don't know how to feel They don't know me at all Never took the chance to find out But it never really mattered anyways They want to look like a helping hand But they're just snakes in the grass And they're never gonna catch up to me Because I'm not like you I won't do what you want me to I don't care what you think of me You wouldn't say it to me anyways I feel the pressure of a thousand eyes Staring at me They want to see me fall HA-HA Yeah right man! You won't see me at all
Hyper Vigilance To this unforgiving world I'm looking over my shoulder I try to stay away I can't let my guard down I won't be disrespected today I see fragments of my past In every broken soul that passes me Clueless to the fact that I'm the one they should be scared to see I'm begging for a reason I want to justify The evil things I see When I close my eyes No stopping No pity I want to harvest pain I want you to feel the consequence I want you to feel the pain
Sick One 00:58
Hellbound on destruction With seduction on my mind I want to scream I want to crush I want to set your world on fire No one's on this tip with me Nobody understands that I'm having a good time I feel like a loaded gun And I'm on a fucking sick one I'll show you how it feels You don't want to know
Army Of One 02:39
Have you ever put your life on the line? To follow the dream To feel alive No? Then don't speak I don't want advice, when you've never sacrificed Never pushed yourself. Never took your chance. I'd rather struggle by myself. I've got too much pride to ask you for help. Army of One Don't need your help Don't need for your to approve I love that you don't understand And you'll never comprehend all the things that we do The reasons why we do it And the people who we do it to If you don’t walk the walk, then talk is cheap I’m too blessed to stress about what you think You weren’t broke with me You weren’t naked with me I had to wait for that sleazy man to give me my fucking money So I could eat So I could sleep To be standing here To be living free You’ll never know
I can’t keep up This character fraud The rumors you’ve heard are wrong I’m human like you Imperfect like you Morally skewed No better than you I’m human like you Imperfect like you I hold onto pain I’m fragmented and cruel I won’t keep up No facade The rumors you’ve heard are wrong No one knows the pain I feel It lies behind this smile and within my heart Within my soul Never wanted A pedestal I’ve just stayed true to myself No ego trip Someday you’ll know These true colors show Someday you’ll know I want you to know
I see the bright lights Strange faces Strange feeling inside my skin Cold steel Pressed against me Cold stare From this old white man Feel the walls Closing in Now my vision is tunneling Feel my insides fall to the floor This white knuckle mentality Is going to lead me home “Please sir, take your seat. Take a deep breath too” I can’t fucking breathe With all these people here Staring at me They’ve got me pinned down Latex hand around my mouth Feel the rage Rush through my veins White coat syndrome My heart beats through my chest “Don’t worry, this will be over soon” I can’t move I can’t scream I can’t kick them off of me
Actions speak louder than words And I can’t hear you I’ve got no time for half way fools So get up out of my way If you can’t handle my dialect If you’re too scared to be direct Go home. Get lost. Get bent. The Process of Weeding Out I won’t be lumped in with you You couldn’t live the life that I do No one will ever stop me Or hold me back I can’t let down The ones I love I can’t let the ones I hate Be right I’ve got the strength I’ve got the light
Bad Faith 02:04
Crippling freedom Self-corruption Forced beliefs Sickening ecstasy Bad Faith What the fuck are you scared of? Young hearts be free Why don’t you stop lying to yourself Find what you love and let it kill you slowly Condemned to be free Possibility imprisons me Born with nothing Die with it all Find purpose Feed your soul Live in this moment Stay in control Die for something Search alone
“Leaves are brown” “Sky is grey” And I’m a thousand miles away “I’d be safe” “I’d be warm” My head changes everyday I’m not dreaming, This is real to me Take me back to Sunken City Take me back to the sunshine state Leaving town was a mistake Always sick of home Always home sick Working paycheck to paycheck Just to pay the rent My soul is parched The coast soothes this thirst I’m a slave to the curse and it’s getting worse California Cursed I was born here I’ll die here Until that day, this is where I’ll be This state has swallowed me whole Suck me down and set me free




released April 10, 2020

Sam Ciaramitaro - vocals
Cody Chavez - guitar
Justin Rhode - bass
Tim Flegal - drums


all rights reserved



DRAIN Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz Hardcore

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