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released May 30, 2015

Recorded by Ian Thornburgh at Comprehensive Studios. Santa Cruz, CA.



all rights reserved


DRAIN Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz Hardcore

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Track Name: Red Veins
Shakes,shits, shivers
Plague my mind
Can’t step off
This thin line
And you're all out of time
All out of time

Run off into the distance
Hide within the night
Try and ditch your problems
Instead of fighting
You collapse from exhaustion
You’re now your problem’s prey
Your issues go nowhere
They’re here to stay

Starting over
Falling down
Nothing done
Will sufficed
Confined to your body
No way to escape
Strangled and mangled
With In These Red Veins
Track Name: The Mechanic
Names the mechanic
Solving all your problems
Thats my business
With affordable prices

In-laws in town?
Pigs breathing down your neck?
Well I’m your man
With just the solution

You tried the rest
Now try the best
I cut clean
And I can guarantee
No one gets the job
Track Name: Tension
"Because no matter how far mankind travels out towards the stars, he'll find greater distances, more beautiful sights, and more frightening creatures inside his own mind"

Within the walls of my skull
There is a warzone
Conflicting thoughts
Are taking over
Emotions run
In every direction
And I’m left as a slave
To this inner tension

Am I living life or close to death?
Its a cycle endless
I’m at my lowest and I can’t handle more
Wish I could run, but I can’t find the door

I'm surrounded by filth
Derived from ignorance
No solutions arise from floating in muck
We try to swim
But end up getting stuck
Track Name: Void
We grew up so damn close
And now we’re farther than ever before
What started off as distancing
Is now full blown growing apart

Frozen coors light
And drinking spewey in your garage
Day by day you waste your lives away
Until there’s nothing left to rot

Drinking beer inside your car
Getting high in the park
But when you snort that shit up your nose
It makes me question, why did it start?

Dull and mindless men
Are what's left since youth has died
I've realized it's not my fault
But I'm still ripped up inside