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Produced by Taylor Young at The Pit Recording Studio
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
Artwork by Raul Cruz
Layout by Jesse Reger


released September 29, 2018


all rights reserved



DRAIN Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz Hardcore

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Track Name: Army of One
Have you ever put your life on the line?
To follow a dream - to feel alive?
Then don’t speak
Get off my back
Don’t want advice
When you’ve never sacrificed
Never pushed yourself
Never took your chance
I’d rather struggle by myself
I’ve got too much pride to ask you for help

Army of One

Don't need your help
Don’t need for you to approve
I love that you don’t understand
And that you’ll never
All the things that we do
The reasons why we do it
And the people who influence us

If you don’t walk the walk, then talk is cheap
I’m too blessed to stress about what you think

You weren’t broke with me
You weren’t naked with me
I had to wait for that sleazy man to give me my fucking money

So I could eat
So I could sleep
To be standing here
To be living free
You’ll never know
Track Name: California Cursed
"Leaves are brown
Sky is grey"
And I’m a thousand miles away

"I’d be safe
I’d be warm"
My head changes everyday

I’m not dreaming,
This is real to me
Take me back to sunken city

Take me back to the sunshine state
Leaving town was a mistake

I’m always sick of home
I’m always home sick
Working paycheck to paycheck
Just to pay the rent
My soul is parched
The coast soothes this thirst
I’m a slave to the curse and it’s getting worse

California Cursed

I was born here
I know I’ll die here
Until that day, this is where I’ll be
This state has swallowed me whole
Suck me down and set me free

California Cursed

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